Kennerton Magni Bog Oak
Kennerton Magni Bog OakKennerton Magni Bog OakKennerton Magni Bog Oak

Magni Bog Oak

The limited series of these headphones is made from unique, very rare and expensive wood specie. It is around 2000 years old and it is not only very solid, rare and beautiful material, but it also brings impeccably clear sound with stunning brightness and transparency and helps to show all the deeply hidden smallest details.

The headphones of this special series are equipped with two cables (2 m Hi-Fi cable made of oxygen-free copper for use with stationary audio equipment and a 2.5 m cable in flexible polyurethane braid for mobile use) and two pairs of leather cushions of different designs (one pair is for neutral crystal clear sound and another pair is for more bass sound).

The kit includes a comfortable eco-leather case for a safe storing and carrying the headphones.


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Be in time to become one of the first Magni owners at this promo price!
Each one is specially made for this action.
Traditionally, Kennerton headphones are handcrafted only from natural materials: steel, aluminum, wood, leather.
  • Limited quantity available.
  • Two pairs of different ear pads are included – you can change the sound and character of your headphones by a simple replacement of the ear cushions.
  • Two sets of cables are also included – choose the most convenient for you and have the spare one left.

Just connect them to a source which matches their high level – and your well-known compositions will bring you new, great impressions.
These headphones sound incredible, they can really surprise you!

Summer 2019 new model, the Kennerton Magni, mid-range model, is a result of our efforts to raise the sound level of mid-budget dynamic headphones to a new level. It was a difficult path, which began with the development of the “heart” of these headphones – the dynamics.
It all started with the development of a new high-tech material called “Graphene”.
Graphene – if to explain in simple terms, is a two-dimensional sheet of carbon that is only one atom thick. Its physical properties are truly unique:

  • It is 300 times stronger than steel
  • It has no internal resistance
  • It is incredibly light

As currently the production of pure graphene membrane is very hard and time-consuming and can cost a fortune, we decided to create a hybrid of mylar and powdered graphene applied by thermal method. Thus, we were able to significantly improve the characteristics of the classic dynamic driver, such as the strength of the membrane, its rigidity and the absorption of parasitic resonances. This high-tech membrane required the corresponding uncompromising “engine”. Therefore, we have equipped the speaker with an ultra-light aluminum voice coil (CCAW), covered with a very thin layer of copper to increase its conductivity. And the coil is set in action by a powerful magnet made of NdFeB alloy, which in size and power of the magnetic field is exceeding 3-4 times the magnets of similar speakers from competitors. All these engineering solutions gave the speaker a high dynamic range, stunning detailing of sound, very low distortion, and brought the sound quality of the speaker close to the representatives of the planar-magnetic technology.

Graphene driver Magni

Over the past year we have created several promising headphone prototypes based on these developments, and one of them was even released for one of our partners projects. But it was only through long research and experimentation that we were able to get the concept of sound, which we have been pursuing for a long time and which fits most fully into the framework of Kennerton products.

Our new driver is a compression type system, i.e., its membrane has an extremely soft suspension and additionally relies on the elasticity of the air volume of the acoustic chamber, represented by the earphone cup.

This is done in order to lower the resonant frequency of the dynamics, and accordingly the depth of reproduced low frequencies. This feature makes the speaker extremely responsive to any slightest change in acoustic design, its volume and filling. In addition, the membrane “warms up” (it enters the nominal mode of operation, gets rid of internal stresses, gets softer in places of suspension bending) for quite a long time – at least 72 hours of work according to the results of our tests. And for a complete “warm-up” it usually takes up to a week of the total time the headphones should work. All this made our engineers work very hard, but everyone who could listen to the headphones sound finally was amazed by the great result.

Kennerton Magni Bog Oak

We were able to achieve high compatibility both with hi-end systems and with low-end devices, while maintaining a consistently high level of sound, limited by the capabilities of the source, rather than the headphones themselves.

For Kennerton Magni, we use a steel headband with a minimum of moving parts, which means maximum reliability. Headphone cups made of precious wood are not only beautiful and just pleasant to touch, but also bring warm and natural notes to the sound of the headphones, eliminating the intrusive “plastic” overtones of competitors’ models. Lightweight design, self-adapting to the user’s head and genuine leather ear cushions provide the highest comfort for long-time listening.

Two Cables

High quality 2 meters OFC cable with gold plated 3.5″ jack. Connects to headphones with 2*mono 3.5″ jacks. 6.3 adapter included.

This elastic cable has a length of 3 m and a connector with a 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm jack. 6.3 adapter included.

Two Pairs Lambskin Leather Cushions

Ear cushions are hand-made from soft lambskin from a remote highland region in Northern Caucasus.
All spares are genuine Kennerton products and match the quality and craftsmanship that embodies Kennerton.

Soft ear cushions for maximum comfort
Full comfort from circumaural cloth cushion design.
The design places driver at optimum distance from ear, improves soundstage/imaging, and musical coherence.

Full comfort from circumaural cloth cushion design.
Deep thumping bass while providing a deeper sound and better sound isolation, the genuine leather replacement ear cups will not crack or wear as easily, assuring you a long-lasting phenomenal audio experience.

Kennerton Magni is a new level in its segment – classic design solutions with the spirit of “old school”, the best natural materials and modern high technologies make this model an outstanding one to be highly appreciated both by audiophiles and professional audio industry.

The kit includes a comfortable eco-leather case for a safe storing and carrying the headphones.


Graphene Membrane

Driver Unit

50 mm

Frequency Response

15-50000 Hz


114 dB


33 Ohm

Maximum Input Power

250 mW

Cord length

High quality 2 meters length cord made from OFC wires is terminated with high quality gold plated mini-jack and 6.3 mm stereo adapter


440 g



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