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In M12s, we have implemented a solution that is suitable for both working in the studio and for home listening.

For our new model, we have developed a practical and at the same time perfect design that combines high reliability and excellent ergonomics.

To maximize the potential of an excellent driver, it is hugely important to ensure that it works in a perfect condition to manage the resonant and reflected waves.

With M12s, it went through countless experiments to ensure that we create a unique solution that allows the drivers to perform in the purest capability.



The headband is made of steel, and the headband fixing tape is made of high-quality leatherette with soft filler to achieve an optimal fit, regardless of the size and the form of your head.


Twisted cable

Especially for work in the studio, we installed a very high-quality, one-sided, twisted, non-removable cable that can stretch up to 3 meters, which allows it to be used in a large studio without having to remove the headphones.

In non-stretched state, the cable has a length of 1.2m, which allows the use of headphones even with portable sources.


Wood cups

The wood is impregnated with natural oil and processed with the mix of bee and carnauba waxes.

Note: Each pair of headphones is one of a kind, and due to the nature of handwork, slight variations in wood grain may occur.


50mm driver

In M-12s, high-precision 50mm drivers with a metalized membrane are used. The metalized membrane allowed us to achieve extremely low distortion of the main operating frequency range, and low impedance still allows to enjoy accurate sound even on portable devices.


Specifications and the contents of delivery are subject to change without notice.

Driver Unit 50 mm
Frequency Response 15 – 30000 Hz
Sensitivity 112 dB
Impedance 32 Ohm
Cord length 1,3m – 3m

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