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This Hi-End model has a spotless high-class style and sound. MAGISTER can be with equal success used both at home and in a studio. The model is equipped only with the best materials and components.

The heart of the headphones is a unique driver with a titan dome which allows to achie ve spotless sound with extremely low distortion level. Headband and earcups cushions are made of natural calf leather.

These unique headphones are hand assembled in Russia, by joint efforts of Kennerton and Fischer Audio teams. Swedish pragmatism combined with Russian workmanship will touch the feelings of every real judge of high-quality things.



Handcrafted from high-quality natural lamb skin that provides maximum comfort, hypoallergic and longevity.


Bog Oak Wood

2090 Years Old

For thousands of years sunk oak trunks were lying on the bottom of the lakes. With no access for air they gained solidity, and become as strong as a rock. Historical documents reveal some common names for bog oak like «black wood» and «iron wood», it was called so for a reason.

This wood lasted through most of recorded human history. Millenia for humans, but just a hour for Nature. And now you have unique opportunity to touch and hear pieces of the ancient times.



Headphone Earpads handcrafted from high-quality natural soft lamb skin that provides the maximum comfort, hypoallergic and toughness.

Internal filler is made from special acoustic material that provides excellent acoustic characteristics.


Design Features

How Wood Species Influence Sound

Wood species differ by density, elasticity, porosity, fibers shape and adhesion. As a result, fundamental resonance frequencies and material damping factor vary significantly in different wood species. The more dense is the wood, the lower is the damping factor and the higher is the fundamental resonance frequency and the longer is the duration of wave fluctuation in the wood; therefore, it is going to render influence on the sound more intensely and in a higher spectrum.

Choice of wood with various physical characteristics can change the tonal characteristic in a desired spectral region of the sound, from accenting midbass region to giving natural overtones to the highest voice and making concert hall reverberations more readable.


Technology of Making Wooden Cups for Earphones

  1. All wood species (all wood) used for making earphone bodies and cups always undergo processing with the utilization of antibacterial, subsequent drying and coating with substances making them pleasant to look at and resistant against environmental factors.
  2. Wooden cups are made according to a specially developed procedure. The way the wood species, the cup shape and the acoustic body volume (amphitheater, helix) influences the sound is taken into account.
  3. Cups are manufactured by a 3D model on a computer controlled precision machine; they have top processing quality and geometric shape repeatability.
  4. After the milling operation, the cups are sanded and polished only by hand.
  5. After sanding, wood is coated by special oils to protect it from humidity and prevent drying and ageing.
  6. After that, the work pieces are processed with high-frequency microwaves for several minutes to for better oil receptivity and disinfection.
  7. After that, cups are covered by hot bee- wax and dried in special drying chambers for about 1.5 hours. Temperature may reach 74 degrees Centigrade (Temperature varies from 60 to 74 degrees depending on the species of wood).
  8. Drying is followed by cooling at room temperature for at least 6 hours. The work piece is ground for the second time, hot wax is again applied; this is followed by drying at the same temperature for about 8 hours.
  9. The closing stage of the work includes thorough polishing of the cup, laser engraving of the logo and other elements as per the approved design, and in some cases, patina forming treatment for decorative finish that makes the surface look perfect.


Certificate of quality

For headphones cans made of solid bog-wood.

Article: Headphone can.

Material: Bog-wood.

Description: A can made of solid bog-wood, elliptical shaped, with external decorative elements, with internal sound scattering elements.

Dimensions: L - 108 mm / W - 81 mm / H - 30 mm.

Scope of supply: The cans are provided in matching pairs, kit includes "Kennerton Headphones FA-003TiW".

Manufactured by: Fischer Audio Engineering Ltd in liaison with Kennerton Audio Equipment.

Country of manufacture: Russia/Sweden.

The article is produced by the method of 3D milling with the use of numerical control equipment and further manual finishing treatment (including filing, polishing, coating). The finished article undergoes a double impregnation with natural oil (with intermediate drying of each layer for at least 48 hours) in order to achieve a natural timber colour and texture, and resistance to external impact.

Since the article is produced of a natural fossil raw material and is manually treated, it is impossible to achieve absolute visual identity of the exterior, texture and pattern of two different articles and guaranty total absence of defects in the material.

Service life of a finished article is 5 years. Avoid contact with solvents, asides, alkalies and other aggressive substances. Do not impose the article to long-term contact with water. Do not impose the article to long-term heating over 60°С and short-time heating over 120°С . Do not impose the article to physical impacts exceeding safe-load factor of the source raw material.



Fischer Audio wooden Cups (Amphitheatre and Helix types) are Patent Pended.

Patent Number 2498524RU

Radiocarbon Date

Customer Fischer Audio Engineering Ltd.

Sample Bog Oak (CT-11)

Lab CODE IGAN-2778

Benzene mass 1,4767 g

Counting time 2500 minutes

Sample count rate 11,98 CPM

Background count rate 0,76 CPM

Counting efficiency 80,0%

Radiocarbon Date 2090 +/- 50 BP

Material of cups - the Bog Oak ( IronWood) by age not less 2040 years


Specifications and the contents of delivery are subject to change without notice.





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Driver Unit 42 mm
Frequency Response 10-26000 Hz
Sensitivity 101 dB
Impedance 64 Ohm
Maximum Input Power 500 mW
Cord length 3.0 m

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