kennerton headphones, kennerton stor, high-end, hi-fi, natural wood, handcrafted headphones
headphones stand, natural wood
kennerton headphones, kennerton magister, magister pro, high-end, hi-fi, natural wood, handcrafted headphones

Kennerton Audio Equipment


No politics zone!

"WARNING: As some visitors here try to instigate some heated political discussions we would like to strictly point out that this Web Site Is Intended to Be Free of Any of Them!

We don’t see the world and its population as to be divided by political views, different religions, colors of eyes or skin.


The only division we can accept is the one between those who love music and who can appreciate its realistic reproduction and those who don’t care. We always welcome the former in our ranks!

The only religion we could’ve probably ascribed us to is the faith in great sound.

And the only politics we can be engaged in is our true conviction that only Beauty can make people better.

Our goal is to craft not merely great sounding headphones but the ones which can be fully qualified as the objects of art.

Welcome to our world!"