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Kennerton ECL-01

100mm x 85mm Black Lambskin Leather Cushion.

All spares are genuine Kennerton products and match the quality and craftsmanship that embodies Kennerton.

Kennerton ECL-01 padded ear cushions come as a pair and are hand-made from soft lambskin from a remote highland region in Nothern Caucasus.

  • ! Soft ear cushions for maximum comfort
  • ! Full comfort from circumaural cloth cushion design.
  • ! Deep thumping bass while providing a deeper sound and better sound isolation, the genuine leather replacement ear cups will not crack or wear as easily, assuring you a long-lasting phenomenal audio experience.
  • ! The design places driver at optimum distance from ear, improves soundstage/imaging, and musical coherence.


Black 100mm x 85mm headphone circular Ear CUPS with 80mm x 55mm opening . Package includes :1 pair of 100mm x 85mm diameter ear Cups features:- fits headphones with drive unit size 95-105mm x 80-85mm in Oval shape.

Compatible with:

  • Kennerton Magister
  • Fischer Audio FA-003/ FA-002/ FA-003Ti/ FA-003W
  • Denon AH-D7100
  • Shure SRH-840/ SRH-940/ SRH-1440/ SRH-1540/ SRH-1840/ SRH-440
  • Audio-Technica AT-M50
  • SONY MDR-7506
  • Fostex T50RP/ T40RP
  • Brainwavz HM5
  • Jaycar Pro Monitor/ Digitech Pro Monitor
  • Lindy HF-100/ HF-101
  • Yoga CD880/ SD990

and others headphones with drive unit size 95-105mm x 80-85mm in Oval shape.


Compatible with:

Fischer Audio FA-003Ti Hi-Fi headphones HIFIMAN HE500 Hi-Fi Headphones Takstar HI2050 Hi-Fi Headphones

FA-003 Ti


Takstar HI2050

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