FA-011 LE Walnut (Refurbished)

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Fischer Audio FA-011 headphones were released in 2011 and became popular among music lovers in Russia and around the world. It was the first model with the best possible sound quality to price ratio, which was produced directly in Russia. Application of innovative, at that time, frequency correction filters allowed to achieve good results at a moderate price. These particular factors made this model a real best-seller.

Within three years we decided that FA-011 should rise to a new stage of development and as a result we decided to change the market segment of these headphones.

We took all remarks into consideration and enhanced practically every detail. Now, when we were not facing a task to fall within the budget of the bottom-end segment, we managed to create truly flawless head phones for the fine judges of the beautiful.

Instead of beechwood used in ordinary FA-011 we took valuable exotic timber species such as Peruvian walnut, which gives the sound monumentality, tiamo with its light and airy sound, khaya, ideal for “live” instruments, practically neutral sapele timber and others. While elaborating the sound of this model we tried to pay maximum attention to details. For example, the logo cast of an acoustically inactive alloy gives the model an elegant look and more over it helps to reduce parasitic resonances of the ear cup net.

The heavy-gauge cable of the novelty is made of high-quality copper produced by Schulz (Germany) and has a shielded structure. Apart from that, the cable is armoured with an ultrastrong material. Cable length of 2.5 metres allows to comfortably use the headphones when they are connected to your home audio system.

A high-quality Amphenol connector (USA) compliant with stringent industrial standards is used for connection with audio equipment.

In the design of the frequency correction filter the cheap filtering elements were replaced with spotless components produced by Nichicon (Japan), Panasonic (Japan) and Vishay (USA). The headphones are equipped with the most high-quality bipolar capacitor usually applied in special “audiophile” lines and thin-film low-noise resistors for flawless audio transmission.

These enhancements combined with other Fischer Audio know-how allowed to raise FA-011 Limited Edition model to a new stage of quality. The model custom-designed for our Japanese distributors, gained credence among the most demanding music lovers around the world.

All headphones of this line are handmade and manufactured by a single craftsman and thus their quantity is extremely limited. Strict requirements of the Japanese market, uncompromised approach to selection of the components applied and manual assembly determine the price, which is considerably higher than price for ordinary FA-011 models. Instead the buyer gets both magnificent sound quality and elegant “pure-blood” design and becomes an owner of an exclusive, one-and-only model.

Driver Unit 40 mm
Frequency Response 16-25000 Hz
Sensitivity 98 dB
Impedance 160 Ohm
Cord length 2.5 m (3.5 mm)

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